This guide will cover how to set up your Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The SNES should come with the following:

  • SNES Console

  • SNES Controller

  • AV Cable (Red/White/Yellow)

  • AC Adapter Power Cable

If your system is missing any of these components, please contact us.

Steps to setting up the SNES:

  1. Plug in power cable to the wall and SNES console.

  2. Plug the AV cable into the console, and into the corresponding ports on the TV. The red cable will go into R-Audio, the white cable will go into L-Audio and the yellow will go into the video in port (may be green on some TVs).

  3. Plug in your controllers and power on your console!

Common issues with the SNES:

If your console is having issues booting, the gameplay appears to be distorted, or your TV is flashing single-color screens, try cleaning your SNES Cartridges.

Still need help?

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