This guide will cover how to set up your Nintendo Wii.

The Wii should come with the following:

  • Wii Console

  • Wii Remote

  • AV Cable (Red/White/Yellow)

  • AC Adapter Power Cable

  • Wii Sensor Bar

If your system is missing any of these components, please contact us.

Steps to setting up the Wii:

  1. Plug the power cable into the wall and into the back of the Wii console.

  2. Plug the AV cable into the console, and into the corresponding ports on the TV. The red cable will go into R-Audio, the white cable will go into L-Audio and the yellow will go into the video in port (may be green on some TVs).

  3. Plug in the sensor bar, and place it centered, above or below your TV.

  4. Sync your Wii remotes by pressing the red sync button under the battery cover, and the red sync button under the door on the front of the Wii system at the same time.Syncing Wii Remotes

  5. Proceed through the consoles basic setup by selecting, Date/Time, Region, Language, etc.

  6. After this, you should be greeted with the Wii home menu. Select the disc channel at the top left of the menu and press start to play a game!

Common issues with the Wii:

If your console is having issues reading discs, make sure that your discs are being oriented correctly. The shiny/data side of the disc should be facing the thicker side of the console, where the laser is located. If the issue persists, try cleaning off your disc with a soft cloth.

Wii Disc Proper Orientation

If your console is having issues tracking your Wii Remote, try moving your sensor bar, or resyncing the Wii Remote to the Wii by holding the red sync button on the console for 15 seconds, and resyncing the remote to the system.

Proper Wii Sensor Placement

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