Setting up retro consoles to work with modern TVs that might not have the proper ports can sometimes prove difficult.

Common issues using retro consoles on newer TVs include:

  • HDTV doesn't have the proper ports / only has HDMI .
  • Image appears too fuzzy.
  • Video on TV is in Black-and-White.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we recommend using an AV to HDMI Converter.OldSkool AV to HDMI Converter

An AV to HDMI Converter will upscale your older video output into a high-def signal and allow you set up your retro consoles with ease!

Troubleshooting your AV to HDMI Converter:

  • TV displaying blue screen with green "No Signal" text

    When powered on without input, the OldSkool AV to HDMI Converter will output a blue screen with text that reads "No Signal" If your console is powered on, check the AV hookup going into the converter. If you are using the converter with an NES, SNES, N64, Master System, or Genesis, ensure that your game cartridge is not damaged and has been cleaned.

  • TV Displaying "No Signal" text

    The OldSkool AV to HDMI Converter requires some power to upscale the image received from your retro console. Ensure that the power cable provided is properly connected to your television/monitor. If you are still experiencing issues, connect the power cable to a wall to USB plug, similar to one used to charge a smartphone. Your TV/monitor may not be providing enough power to its USB port.